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Mixing Equipment

Amd Pc

Amd xp2600+ 768 mb ddr333, ultrawide scsi2 discs, Wami Rack 24 bit soundcard with 4 in, 8 out, 4 midi in/outs and digital spdif and coax. Running Renoise2.51.

Behringer mx2404

Greatest bang for the buck in deskmixers so far. 16 channel inputs with track faders (track 9-16 are stereo tracks), 3 band eq with sweepable mid and 80hz humkill (track1-8), 4 band fixed eq on the stereo channels, 4 busses (fantastic if your working with multitracking), 6 fx sends and additional 8 tracks for returns. All this with all the routability you could ever wanīt from a mixer in this class.

Digitech studioquad

The true workhorse of our studio and live preformances, this budgetclass machine contains some very nice reverbs, echos and chouruses the rest of fx algorythems are pretty lame. Though this machines real strong point is that it is actually two multieffects in one high, complete with 4 in/outs and midi controlability

Roland space echo

A great piece of vintage hardware. This tapedelay gives you total control over your delays. You can change the tape speed on the fly making the echo take on a whole form of its own. It also features genuine tapewarmth and tapenoise(dunno if thats good though).

Behringer modulizer

One of the better products to come from behringer, it features ringmodulators, flangers, phasers, lowpass/highpass resonantfilters, choruses and a whole bunch of speakersimulators and plain dist. We some times use it to tweak some parts of our live set.

Alesis nanocompressor

A cheap simple noisy compressor, great to use on synths that have screaming filters. Or at times on drums for limiting.


Korg ms-20

This one of the absolutly hardest-coldest-most-bad-azz-hands-on analog patch synthisizer that exists on this earth. It features a maze of a patch bay where you are able to modulate anything with anything, if you have enough patch cables. But the strong point of this synthesizer is the filters, HARDīNīCOLD fantastic for acid and trance.

Yamaha cs-10

Also very hands-on-analog kinda synth. Itīs extremly simple to play around with since you have 1 knob per function. It features a very varm nice filter (lp/bp/hp), 2 oscillators , 1 lfo (possible to selfoscillate) and a noise/signal in. Not that special but still a nice addition when your playing live.

Clavia nordmodular

The true workhorse of our studio and live preformances. This synth is a one of the kind virtual patchable modular, with several kinds of filters, oscillators, sequensers, lfos and all the midi stuff you could possible wish for. Along with multiple out/in, Vocoder functions and a great patch program for pc.

Syntecno teebee mark2

A analog tb303-clone that has all the orginal components and adds a whole bunch of midi bonuses. It features the orginal tb filter and waveforms, additional ms-20 ringmodulator waveform, signal in, 4 analog gate controllers, 4 analog cv controllers (both korg,roland) and total midi controlability. Other than that this rackunit is instant acid when ever and how ever, and to this date any techno crowd will go wild when you tweak that squelsh. But we mainly use it for controling the analog gear through cv/gate.

Roland u-20

A standard pcmsynth with all the well known roland soundsamples. Features phatpreformance sounds, internal fxunit (that can be tweaked for some phonky fx), 4 outs and midi though this unit totally lacks any kind of expressiveness exept a lame volume type effect of the sound. But with some creative programing you can get very rich and wide padsīnīstrings.

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Liveset equipment list

...:Roland Vs-880

Hard disc recording with multiple outs and 8 tracks +8 virtual takes per track. This unit is used to mix our tracks with difrent new sounds and beats, as well as being our sequenser on stage with midi sync and clicktrack. This also allows us to make drastic changes to the structure of a tune, and effect and filter sounds all to fit the crowd.


We try not to use the same synth in two following gigs, since we want to make each liveset a difrent experience. For a complete synth list check out the "studio" page.


We try to bring diffrent effect highes from time to time, to keep an fresh view on tweaking the music. All of our effects/compressors/mics are listed at
"Mixing equipment".


We always just use one microphone, to keep the it as simple and fast as possible. The Shure Sm57 is our mic of choice, perfect for percusions and didj stuff. Mounted on a micstand as an overhead it works quite nicly and dosn't give any distortion when pushed to the max.

...:Roland Handsonic

The handsonic is an electronic hand percussion multi-pad, with triggering capabilities based on v-drums. A sort of combined drumset and triggering of midi machines.


A turkish drum with a very sharp treble lead feeling to it. Ludwig uses it for slamming solos and fast rythems. Though we often like to tweak it while he is playing.


This african drum has instant tribal feel with groovy mid and deep bass. Itīs used for those nice tribal rythems featured on most of our music. And sometimes ludwig uses it together with the darabuka, to achive a wide and varied drum sound from the lowest lows, to the highest of highs using a full drum spectrum.


This psychedelic australien wooden instrument is the moog of nature, and it sounds like no other accoustic instrument on this planet. When played correctly you can make it sound like, a whole bunch of diffrent australien animals amongst other things.