Etnoscope band

Rasmus Alanne (Synths, Didj, Sequensing, Mixing),
Ludvig Engelbert (Druming, Synths),
Nils Lindblad (Druming, Didj, Misc Instruments).

Additional soundstuff

Linus Zätterwall (didjstuff), Lisbeth Alanne (vocalstuff),
Uvfredde aka. Nos (analogstuff),
Lotta Hedberg (vocalstuff), Carola Suczs (vocalstuff),
Linda Tiger (vocalstuff), Ellinor Carlquist (vocalstuff),
Palle (guitarstuff).
Maggie Lindeberg (spiritual Teacher).

How to contact us:

Msn/Hotmail Adress

Rasmus Alanne [],


Rasmus Alanne

Icq #

Martin [5128458], Rasmus [2928042], Ludvig [111625874]

There is a whole bunch of ways to get in contact with etnoscope, and the difrent band members, and we strongly recomend it. Since we allways enjoy to talk to new interesting enteties, nomatter your sex, country, color, age or planet.
Just drop us a message.