Upcomming livesets

Boom Festival 2010


Boom Festival 2010
Idanha-a-nova-lake, Portugal

LIVE and Djs:

Etnoscope, Green Nuns of the Revolution, Gus Till, Man With No Name, Psychopod, Sandman, Eat Static, Emok, James Monro, Mapusa Mapusa, Sensient, Son Kite, System 7, Ace Ventura, And many many many more on multiple stages...

Past livesets

Magical Forrest


Hypnotica Records presents
Magical Forrest
in a secret forrest, Sweden.


Etnoscope (iono/ektoplazm) Anakoluth (cronomi rec) Diffus (triptonite rec)
Filteria (suntrip rec)
Fractal Error (hypnotica rec) Lightsphere (mental arts rec) Mantra Flow (panzar prod) And many more...


Ayda (PitchSthlm)
BuddaBPM (BiP 1337)
Danet (Hypnotica Rec)
Dharma (Mental Arts Rec)
Mangaz (Hypnotica Rec)
Mantram (Love Forest)
Poet (Panzar Prod)
Sabi (Hypnotica Rec)
Skywalker (Happy Family)
Taz (Hypnotica Rec)
Toady (Sunshine Tribe)
Tobiwan (Hypnotica Rec)

Tribal Gathering


Rhakti Dei Femina Mandragora presents
Tribal Gathering
in Ghent, Belgium.


Juno Reactor (blue room)
Etnoscope (d.s./flow/iboga) Whicked Hayo (belgium)


Johann Bley (nova tekk)
Mahiane (ultimea rec.)
Djamoon (belgium)
Kairon (kairoo rec.)

Audio recordings from live sets

Japan 2003

Labyrinth festival, Japan. 2003-07-11

76,7 mb .mp3

This is the entire liveset from our preformance in japan, it was truly an epic mindblowing experience. One which we all cherish to this very day. Such an amazing vibe and an incredible amount of fantastic music and people. We've taken a long time to get i onlajn. But we finally found it amongst a batch of old cd's.. So we hope you will enjoy it...

The audio file is accesed by clicking on the image to the left.

Videos from live sets

Jönköping 2002

Jönköping, Sweden. 2002-07-20

5,5 mb .avi (divx)

A small video clip from our liveset in the deep forest of jönköping at Jungle Fever.Starting the liveset in pitch black darkness and finishing up in the full light of the nordic sun. We had a proper journey in store for those who came along for the ride that night in the woods.

The video file is accesed by clicking on the image to the left.

KulturBolaget i Malmö 2002

6,3 mb .avi (divx)

New video of KulturBolaget i Malmö, sweden 2002-04-12

The kb gig was recorded for a small video that showcase the nature of the our livesets, it features parts of the drummers frenetic performance along with some the knobtwidling and audiowizardry.
All those parts come together in harmony when we all work as one, with the audience.

The video file is accesed by clicking on the image to the right.

KulturBolaget 2002

KulturBolaget i Malmö, sweden 2002-04-12

6,5 mb .avi (divx)

The video clip from the kb liveset, this was never ment for spreading but since it has allready been spread around. We might as well put it on the website, but remember this was just shoot during our liveset by us.
There is also a little part in the begining while dj. Peter Didjital was playing a djset

The video file is accesed by clicking on the image to the left.