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Tank Fuel Vol. 1

Etnoscope is back again with an versus track called Meta. It's done complete cooperation with Pusherstreet. Evil distorted leads and funky grooves from Pusherstreet mixed with the tribal percussion, and Etnoscope synthsounds. This track is a experimental mix between the two projects. Etnoscope is also featured with an remix of the eargear track "like music". Originally released on hadshot it is now re-released on PanzarProduktionz with the full consent of eargear.

Release Date: 2010-11-26

Way Over DeadLine

Etnoscope - Way over deadline.

Now, after seven years of growing anticipation, ongoing rumours, and increasing doubt, Etnoscope emerges from hibernation with another monumental contribution to global trance-dance culture. Way Over Deadline builds on the classic Etnoscope vibe with intricate tribal drumming, powerful electronic rhythms, synthetic soundscapes, ethereal vocals, and infectious guitar riffs.

----------->Download the full album in wav,mp3 or flac for free right here

Psynewsmini "this is one of the most interesting works released lately. There is something on there for everybody - playful upbeat tunes, powerful progressive tracks, floaty passages, deep and powerful songs, massive stompers, gentle swingers ... and even a perfect chill track. And even when going through so many dfferent styles, the album fees as a whole and no tune is out of place. Gently yet powerful, with a lot of "warmth", that is how I would describe the sound of Etnoscope. And this is a perfect piece to showcase every aspect of it!"


Isratrancemini "Etnoscope - Odin's Kraft
[Ektoplazm & Panzar Produktionz] Progressive psytrance at its finest. Love the vocals in this song! "

-Dj Basilisk

Ektoplazmmini "killer work. guitar session is amazing. great album!!! and for free, thats awesome. thx for this beautiful piece of music. also to panzar produktionz and ektoplazm. nice work!"


"Nothing less than a beautiful mature work of art. I fully enjoyed this. This site is the best! I wish I had the time to comment on all the fine music here at Ektopazm. To all involved, Thank You!"


"Outstanding return !! It did worth 7yrs of waiting - just can't put it down:)"



The Pusherstreet project was initially founded in 2003 by Rasmus Alanne & Jesper Nilsson, And in 2005 Liam Dorff also joined. Since the band have had really good memories from Christania, and know the trouble the freetown is in nowadays, they have decided to name their music project Pusherstreet to capture and preserve the vibe of this little city. So they created their own new, fresh, funky and biting progressive sound that is easily accesible and goes straight to the heart. "Umpa Umpa, with a twist"

The myspace link is right here.


the Urhgurh project was the very first structured musical experiments of Rasmus Alanne. It started in 91 with only an amiga running octamed tracker. It gradually evolved into a part of live oriented chillout band spookyminds. But this was just another experiment on a further journey. He eventually discovered a deep passion for the psychedelic evolving nature of trance music, and the project ended in 1999 when a whole new chapter began toghether with Etnoscope.

You can find the link right here.