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This page contains the latest news, events and random thoughts.

The experience of our travels in life defines us.


The site is online again, after some minor server problems
Also we are currently past 10.000+ downloads of the new album
Working hard in the studio this last month on new tracks, it's all sounding really good:)
Will update some more in the coming weeks..

Enjoy the coming holidays.


Yes the album is out now and available for free download over @ Ektoplazm
So far it's getting great reviews, and we are very happy that all of you like it :)
Now begins the work of restoring some of the old classics for an uppcoming compilation.
This compilation will include classics from ep's as well as unreleased old tracks, and will also be free...

Did some work on the website also, such as a new intro page and updated discography etc.


Just added a teaser banner for the new album on the front page.
If all goes acording to plan it will be released in next week.


Ok back from an epic experience@boom,
words can not simply describe how big an impact that festival had on us :)

We are all, We are one...

Now for some good news, the "Drums from the dawn of time" album is re-released and availeble for download over att ektoplazm. And the new album is nearing an release now as the final tracks are currently being mastered by Colin of OOOD. The release schedual dosen't stop there, as we are gearing up to release an full lenght etnoscope compilation. It will be of previously unreleased tracks and some additional classics.
So expect a wide assortment of tracks as we dig deep into our archives and old harddrives...
All this will be released on Ektoplazm so it's totally free to download/play/burn.

We are also in full swing with the production of new tracks, once done they will be sent to various labels during this fall/winter period. So that will most likely lead to additional releases in 2011. These tracks are pretty much done already so we are planning for the 3'rd etnoscope album now, with interesting new concepts and ideas as well as new guest muscians. So there is alot happening right now....

Have been doing some additions to our webpresence, so we are now on both on facebook and myspace. Going to add some other tracks on soundcloud soon. But the flash mp3 player on our website has gotten an updated playlist that includes the "Drums from the dawn of time" album for the time being.

In other news we are no longer associated with t.a.p.303 agency for bookings. They never actually helped us in anyway and the plans laid out by them never happened. So if you wan't to get in touch with us or book a livepreformance please use the msn/skype/email adresses on the contact page.

Will be updating other aspects of this site during the coming months but for now this is all.
Enjoy the magical mushroom season, time to visit the fields of the cows.


Alot of news to tell.
The website is spanking new, totally redone with new gfx and alot of html work.
Next there is updates to all the various pages, and a bunch more coming real soon to the site.
Now get ready for the really big news...

The new album is coming this summer

Its called "Way over deadline" named so after a joke on the isratrance forums.
The album will be accompanied by a FREE re-release of the "Drums from the dawn of time" album,
and there might be even more releases in the soon future so stay tuned.
We're also booked for Boom festival 2010 and are of course very excited about that.
At the festival we're going to do a massive set with some of the old classics,
some of the exclusive live tracks and a slew of new ones from the new album.
There are more new tracks coming since we are now in full swing producing new tracks for etnoscope.
The cool off period for Etnoscope the last couple of years,
are becouse we have almost exclusively been focusing on the Pusherstreet band,
Which have also been very fun and given us all alot of joy.
Be sure to check it out, the link is one the first page.

Now lets all get naked and dance in the sun, peace.


Ok it's been along time but we are finally getting around to updating this site. but first since alot of people have been asking about the lack of etnoscope tracks and album we'll give you a short explaination...

The constant delays is as we explained earlier, due alot to all of us working fulltime jobs, so our personal lifes combinied with the daily grind really only gives us very little time to produce music. And to further complicate things the etnoscope computer crashed in a very bad way quite some time ago.
That accident killed alot of the would be tracks for the 2'nd etnoscope album,
and our backup'd tracks were simply not enough to compete the album.
So over the years we've been selling the remaining tracks off one by one.
Not really producing any new ones, due to our audio computer being extremly unstable.
First Crashing randomly after 1-2 hours, it eventually reached the point
where it was only possible to run it for 5-10 minuts at a time.
Needless to say that certainly makes producing anything very hard..

And the problems kept coming when we were forced to relocate to a new place,
due to increased rent for our studio. First stop was a crummy basement that we shared with clothescompany which used it for warehouse/office/showroom etc. Though our new studio didn't last long since we had alot of disagreements with the landlord. So we moved again, and found a new place that was built specificly to house studios. This didn't help since the new studio obviously hadn't been designed for an recording studio, but rather a practice room for rock/pop bands. The sound was to say the least unusable.
All the work we tried to do there allways turned out to be incorrectly mixed.

So we began building smaller studios at home to get something done at all, and later we decided to devide up the studio hardware. The smaller studios turned into sideprojects which started taking more time from etnoscope. But last year raz decided to make a salvage attempt for some of the etnoscope tracks that was lost/damaged. The painstaking job of restoring lost sounds and rebuilding structure has taken ALOT of time, but now with a new studio computer it seems Etnoscope is finally back on track. A whole bunch of new tracks have also been produced, and we currently have 18 ! finished or almost finished tracks, and we'll be upploading democlips on this site during this summer,
So keep checking back for the newest clips...

With all that said, we will also try to do updates of the history, studio, contact and liveset pages of this site.
Uppdates for some of the gfx, discography and news page is allready online.
And from now on we are a part of the Tap303 (promotion) team,
and they will be handeling all of the bookings.

Thats all.. Keep smiling and enjoy the summer...


Some small updates to discography and first page, will update the upcoming livesets soon.


Ok alot of interesting stuff has been hapening lately, we've put in quite alot of work on our new album.
Also we finally got around to actually throwing the new kb-liveset video up on the liveset page,
there's also more additions to the discography and other smaller additions to the website.

We have also been invited to play at "Tribal Gathering" party in the "Old Fabric Wiedauwkaai", ghent belgium.
JUNO REACTOR will be headlinening this event, that should prove to be something of epic proportions.

Enjoy these the last best days of our summer.


We know that the site isn't updated properly,
and it's becouse we all have other jobs that are very time consuming.
So we are left with very little "free" time to do our studiosessions, livesets and website editing.
We are very sorry for the lack of updates, but there just isn't enough time.

(hmm, maybe if we invented somekind of timemachine?)


Just made some minor updates so the liveset upcoming list is correct for the next month or so. Also moved the liveset instruments and descriptions to the studio page. So all the hardware stuff is at the same page. Hope you didn't have to dance the rain dance to much this summer ;P. But we will a pray to the weathergods for just a little more of that sweet sweet sunshine... Peace out.


Some info about different etnoscope-gigs have been added to the live-page.

After a long time time of cruising around in the cyberspace, the history finally decided to land where its supposed to be... on our history-page.


Some info about different etnoscope-gigs have been added to the live-page.

After a long time time of cruising around in the cyberspace, the history finally decided to land where its supposed to be... on our history-page.


A great month has passed with loads of well used studio time, and confirming bookings for this summer. So far it really looks like this will be the most busy summer ever for etnoscope :).

So far we have confirmed: Copenhagen label night with vibrasphere and others, Ultreia: the startravellers gathering in swiss and Arvika festival in sweden. There is also others that we are currently working out the details for so we won't mention it here until it's really done...

The history is now also done and should be up within a few days.


Some major (disturbing) html restructuring has been done on this site...

Here is a tiny short list of what has been changed.
Most noticeble being that the whole background has been remade by our very own gfx wizard/drummer,
and we have also merged the two main frames, to make specifik infoboxes for all of pages.
The old font (ariel) was scrapped and exchanged for Tahoma,
to make reading these minimal pages a bit more easy.

We have also added an additional videoclip link on the live-page, but we have not uploaded that clip yet.


Some updates to the welcome page, and we have *drumroll* FINALLY ADDED THE MOVIES!!
Yup those pesky things we've been talking about for a couple of years is finally up

Ok, from now on we will try to keep the updates coming. I think our drummer is working on some new gfx for the background, so don't be surprised if the general design of the page changes in the next few weeks. He is also writing the last bits down to the history. It will be quite fun since he will go indepth on the chillout project "spooky minds" that started it all.


Phew, finally.. The new website is up and running, and we are currently adding the last bits and bytes of info.
Video and audio clips will be blasted up onto the site as soon as we get it all back from the studio computer.
As for new tracks we have signed with analog pussy for a release on their upcoming compilation,
and the track name is "Screamer slice" so keep an eye out for it. Should be out by early summer.


The album "Drums from the dawn of time " is finally released now, it should be available in recordstores soon.
This version of the website will also be closed, to bring you a new enhanced site with audioclips, videoclips,
discography, newer pictures and updated bio.
So be sure to check back :)


We know that the website is long over due for a serious update, and we will get around to it soon enough.
To start of with the most urgent question, the album is all done and ready to be released,
we do not how ever know when this will happen.

We will be launching a new website along with the album, which will contain never pictures, discography, videoclips and more. We have also just finished a new batch of tracks which we, are sending out to various labels soon.

More news soon...


We have now reached a point with our music, where we are about to release severeal new tunes.
They will be released on a veriaty of difrent labels including, Digital Structures, Flow, Element,
Spectral Concepts, Cream Crop and others.

We are also working on our debut album (noname yet), which will be released on Digital Structures in 2003.
The fall is here so prepare for mushroom season, with lots of tomatoes ;-)